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13 October 2020
Green Deal: Greece-Israel Matchmaking Event (Virtual)

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Green Deal: Greece-Israel Matchmaking Event

Advancing sustainable partnerships

This is a virtual event. Registration is free of charge.

Please note that the number of participants is limited and a “first come first served” basis will be applied.

IMPORTAN NOTICE: Registrations from Greek participants have exceeded the capacity of the event. Organisers will inform all persons with pending profiles about the approval or rejection of their registration. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

This virtual bi-national Matchmaking Event targets strategic partnerships in view of the launch of the European Green Deal Call, an action serving the European Union’s political priority of a sustainable future by turning climate and environmental challenges into opportunities across all policy areas for all member-states. The event is co-organized by PRAXI Network, the Greek National Documentation Center and the ISERD – the Israel–Europe Directorate in the Israeli Innovation Authority with the aim of bringing together key-stakeholders from the industrial and R&I ecosystems of Israel and Greece for innovation-driven, green-intensive collaborations.

Enterprises, research institutions and universities, as well as relevant stakeholders are invited to participate in pre-arranged brokerage meetings in order to explore opportunities for networking, exchange ideas and good practices and further promote technological development and social innovation in the 8 thematic and 2 horizontal areas addressed by the European Green Deal Call.  Funded projects are expected to deliver tangible and visible results in a relatively quick way, prospective candidates should be able to contribute with specific, high-impact pilot applications, demonstration projects and innovative products enhancing social and value-chain innovation.

The European Green Deal Call

The European Green Deal Call is part of the European Commission’s actions implementing its strategic priority to fight climate change and make Europe climate-neutral by 2050. With this dedicated call for proposals in the framework of the current Framework Programme Horizon 2020, the Commission strengthens Green Deal-related research and innovation.

More information about the call:

Participants of the event may express their interest for one or more of the call areas:

  • Call area 1: Increasing climate ambition: cross-sectoral challenges
  • Call area 2: Clean, affordable and secure energy
  • Call area 3: Industry for a clean and circular economy
  • Call area 4: Energy and resource-efficient buildings
  • Call area 5: Sustainable and smart mobility
  • Call area 6: Farm to Fork
  • Call area 7: Biodiversity and ecosystem services
  • Call area 8: Zero-pollution, toxic-free environment
  • Call area 9: Strengthening our knowledge in support of the European Green Deal
  • Call area 10: Empowering citizens for transition towards a climate neutral, sustainable Europe

Under the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the call pays special attention to the green and digital recovery and to the increase of social resilience. Therefore, stakeholders and agents activee.g. in agriculture, biodiversity acceleration of renewables, clean transport and modernisation towards a clean and circular industry are highly encouraged to participate.


This virtual brokerage event aims to engage researchers, enterprises, policy-making agencies and other social stakeholders interested in meeting potential cooperation partners so as to:

  • Jointly submit proposals under the various topics of the Green Deal Call
  • Address the cross-sectoral dimension of the Green Deal Call objectives
  • Find technologies to partner with
  • Build long-lasting collaborations in the context of the European Green Deal Policy
  • Find development partners

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